Valentine’s Card

valentine's day
Ed and Janice Helmick Photo: Ed Helmick

We meet in our mature years and after each of us had been divorced about ten years. It was at a Christmas dinner that we first met. Our initial conversation was a discovery that we had both spent time on the Navajo Indian Reservation. We were comfortable talking to one another and thought we would try it again. It felt a little strange at first because the dating experience was something neither of us had thought about for a long time. It seems like it was easy for us to feel comfortable and to like one another.

In the 1965 movie Shenandoah actor Jimmy Stewart asks his daughter’s boyfriend if he likes her. That is where love begins. We liked each other before we were able to come to love one another. A little over ten years ago the Bishop asked if I would take the woman standing beside me in Holy Matrimony. My answer was “Absolutely Yes.” I didn’t want there to be any questions about how much I liked and come love my wife to be.

Twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night before and sometimes as I go to sleep, I pray in thanks for the wonderful wife I have in my life. I also believe it is important to give your loved one attention and flirting gestures throughout the day where ever such displays of affection are appropriate. Both of us share our love for one another every day. These acts are essential in maintaining that love affair that began when we discovered we liked each other.

Being so much in love I wanted to find a suitable Valentine’s Day card. I searched several stores, only to discover that they don’t make cards for senior people. They all seemed to have young people pictured in them. So I did a self-portrait of the two of us to illustrate our togetherness in our gray-haired years with the help of Steve Parson’s photo studio. We both have type 2 Diabetes I could not find a box of sugar-free Valentine candy so I had to make one of those also. Now we have a Valentine’s card that will remind us of this special occasion and our commitment to like and love one another forever.