Mr. Grill: Scone-tastic Sandwiches, Philly Fries, and Steak Dinners

mr grill
Salmon Burger Perfection

The first time I reviewed Mr. Grill, I was blown away by the crazy delicious scone burgers and chicken sandwiches. There is something magical about a sandwich on a fresh scone. And those fresh cut fries. Yummy. It has been a while so I was excited to come back and try out the new menu items.

First, I have to say that a huge part of why I love Mr. Grill is because of the owners Ron and Mary Spann. Ron cares about his customers and is frequently asking people what he can do to improve Mr. Grill. On a Spanish Fork Community Facebook page, he asked what people want when they come to Mr. Grill. Based on requests for nice sit-down meals, Ron introduced the steak dinner. People wanted a gluten-free option so he created the Philly fries. He honestly wants to meet the needs of the community and provide a delicious meal.

In my last review, one of my favorites was their Philly Cheese Steak. So, when I saw that they had Philly Fries, I knew that I had to try it. It is basically their delicious Philly Cheese Steak put on a bed of those hot delicious hand cut fries.

mr grill
Philly Fries: Gluten-free and oh so yummy!

Yep, it was good. So, they put provolone cheese, magic cheese sauce, thinly sliced ribeye, sautéed peppers and onions, and then more cheese. Yep, it was yummy. The fries were crisp and that was great with the Philly toppings. AND, it is gluten-free. It is pretty hardy and is served with a fork.

The salmon burger was my surprise favorite. My first experience with a salmon burger was not a good one. I was pregnant and my mom microwaved a frozen one. I literally gagged. Another issue I find is that often the salmon burgers are super dry and you feel like you need 2 glasses of water to make it through eating it. With all these previous experiences, I was a little hesitant to try the salmon burger out. However, after my first tiny bite, I was hooked. This salmon burger is grilled and has great flavor. There was a smoky seasoning and this crazy relish. Ron knows his sauces that is for sure. The scone bun was warm and a little crisp and just paired nicely with the salmon burger. Ron literally laughed at me because I kept commenting about how good it was. I really want to go back and order one.

I had seen Ron posting about the steak dinner on the Spanish Fork Yard Sale webpage. People were asking for a sit-down dinner, so he decided to make that happen. On weekends in the fall and winter, Mr. Grill offers a steak dinner with an 8 oz New York steak grilled to your liking, a baked potato, and your choice of coleslaw or baked beans. The steak was perfectly grilled and delicious. Plus, it is fresh and local straight from Springville Meats.

Of course, the fries are always a big draw. I love that they make fresh cut fries right when you order them. There is nothing like fresh fries and I love how crisp they are. And they have a variety of dipping sauces: pink sauce, white sauce, and ketchup. Pinksauce is your classic fry sauce, delicious and creamy. White sauce is taken to another level with hot white sauce. It has more flavor than traditional white sauce and I really liked it.

And don’t forget the ice cream. You can choose your base and then mix in a huge variety of toppings. Then they add nitrogen and freeze the ice cream right in front of you. Definite WOW factor. And the bases are not just cream. You can also get vegan, lactose-free, or sugar-free bases. You can definitely get creative with your flavors.

Mr. Grill is located at 788 N 800 E, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660. They are open Monday – Thursday from 11:00 am – 9:30 pm. Friday and Saturday the hours are from 11:00 am – 10:30 pm. Mr. Grill will be closed from October 30-November 7th. They will reopen on November 8th.