Strap Tank Brewing Company: Drought is Over and Good Food is Here

Islander burger
When you walk into the Strap Tank Brewing Company in Springville you feel like you’ve gone back in time into an old bike shop with huge exposed wood beams, big metal pillars, and an industrial feel. The name “Strap Tank” comes from a 1907...

Quick Bite: Close to Home and Venturing to Provo

Breakfast in a Bun: Kolache Heaven
I am not sure why I struggled with writing this article so much. I think it is because there are so many great places to grab a quick bite to eat. I wanted to expand my horizons and share places that I haven’t reviewed...

Hobble Creek Coffee Shop: Eggs Benedict, French toast and those hash browns

Mitch Cline by his roaster for Hobble Creek Coffee Company.
When I heard about doing a review for Hobble Creek Coffee Shop, I asked, “Do they know I don’t drink coffee?” However, little did I know that in addition to coffee made in small batches on a coffee press to ensure that it is...

Pepe’s Grill: Taco perfection

The nachos at Pepe's Grill in Spanish Fork are gargantuan and delicious.
Pepe’s has a cult following. During the past six years they have been a popular food stand at Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork. Pepe kept having people ask where their location was and after a while he decided that he needed to find one....

Cabana’s Lomo Saltado: A delicious steak experience

Lomo Saltado: Jumping Beef Picture by Kristin Godoy
Lomo Saltado. Translated it means jumping steak. In my opinion, it is the most delicious steak dish I have ever tasted. When they described it to me, they said it was like a stir fry where the oil is very hot and they cook...

Siro’s Place: Get a taste of Argentina (trust me, it’s delicious)

Lomito Argentino: Steak+Ham+Cheese+Egg=YUM
Promise me that you will go try Siro’s. The food is amazing and Siro and his family are so kind and gracious. It is different than anything that I have ever eaten and it was delicious. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think...

Eating scones with ghosts at Leslie’s Family Tree

Leslies Family Tree Scones
When I hear "Leslie’s Family Tree restaurant," I think of two things: scones and ghosts. The scones are legendary for their gargantuan size (and they are delicious). The ghosts are legitimate. I didn’t take the time to go looking for them, but they have...

Delectable Dining: Best meals of 2016

As we begin a new year, I wanted to take a look back at some highlights of 2016. Fiesta Catering/V Sisters Homemade Creations blew me away with their homemade, delicious meals that you can pick up for dinner. My favorite was the pesto grilled chicken...

I found the beef: It’s in the sandwiches at Italian Place

You know how sometimes when you go to a sandwich place, you order a sandwich expecting a lot of meat but when it comes out there are only two thin slices of meat on it? You wanted a sandwich with meat, not vegetables with...

Saving Thanksgiving Madera Smokehouse style

Update: as of Nov. 3rd Madera closed and is looking for a new location. Stay tuned for more information. Enjoy the review for the restaurant you love. Turkey. Many Thanksgiving feasts have been ruined by turkey. It is never done on time. Or it is...
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