The Little List of Trepidation

Once upon a time, a little princess lived in a big kingdom ruled by a big and powerful queen. The queen ruled the great kingdom with fear and dread. Nobody except the kind-hearted little princess loved the self-centered queen. The little princess never saw faults in the queen and instead idealized her. She hoped one day to be just like her.

She tried and tried to attain the queen’s attentions or approval, but nothing she did made the queen any happier because the queen lacked a good and kind nature.

One day the little princess decided to go on a walk outside of the palace walls into the towns of her kingdom. She was hoping to help the queen by making a list of things that could be improved in the kingdom. The reality of it all was too much as she quickly realized just how bad things were for her people outside the palace walls.

The little princess came back shocked at the true horror of her kingdom under the queen’s rule. The little princess lost all the adoration she had for the queen and challenged her for the throne. The queen was furious to have her own small daughter be the challenger but was still unwilling to give her any mercy.

If she lost, she would have her hanged in front of all her supporters. However, the little princess had grown a hard heart too and placed the same fate on the queen if the latter lost.

The battle was short because the people, seeing a glimmer of hope at having a new ruler, stopped supporting the queen. Soon, she was hung in front of all the people of the kingdom. They all rejoiced to be free of the evil tyrant queen.

The little princess was crowned queen. With all her people’s trust in her and her kind heart, she ruled and brought her kingdom out of the dark ages that the people had suffered under for so long with the former queen’s rule.

Evelyn Benz is a young author. She can be reached at

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Evelyn Benz
Evelyn Benz,, is a young fiction author. She is a very interesting person with interesting ideas, visions and inspiration about short fictional stories of emperors, queens, kings, princesses, princes, knights, wizards, and peasants and all kinds of enchantments in ancient times. In 2014, Evelyn graduated with High Honors from Springville High School. Evelyn also supports Operation Smile, which is a non-profit organization that helps children with cleft lip and cleft palate whose parents cannot afford to pay corrective surgery for their children.