Building Zion
By Jesse Fisher In this 50th “Thoughts on Zion” article, we're exploring the determination by the early LDS apostles and prophets to establish a Zion in Utah. We start out with my favorite Brigham Young quote about building Zion, which always makes me smile: “I desire to let us alone .... Let them attend to their own business, and we will...
Building Zion
Another surprising thing I discovered while reading quotes by early LDS leaders was that they equated their Zion-building efforts in Utah to those of the ancient prophet Enoch: “Then again, did Enoch build up a Zion? So we are doing .... Now, this is what we are building up, and they built up a similar thing before the flood ....”...
Building Zion
Not only did the early LDS leaders teach that the whole point of gathering to Utah was to build a Zion society, but they also specifically taught that it was God's will that they do so. No one put it more clearly than Brigham Young when in 1860 he said: “The Lord has led the people carefully along, and dictated according...
Building Zion
In cataloging all the “building Zion” quotes from early LDS leaders, 33 of them, spanning the same number of years, show that the goal of establishing Zion was a primary focus for them. Here are a few of those quotes: 1862: ● “I have Zion in my view constantly.” - Brigham Young ● “The poet says — 'Do what is right, let...
Building Zion
In 1868, LDS Church President Brigham Young couldn't have said it any plainer: “We are gathered together in the tops of these mountains for the express purpose of building up Zion, the Zion of the last days, the glory of which was seen by the prophets of the Almighty from the days of old.” Eleven years earlier, he took...
Building Zion
Not only was building an Enoch-style Zion a core part of the mission of the early LDS Church as we saw last time, our leaders made it very clear in the mid-1800s that building Zion was a central element in God's over-arching, big-picture plan for the last days to prepare Earth for the Second Coming of Christ. Here are...
Building Zion
Remember when back in 1981, President Spencer W. Kimball outlined very succinctly the three-fold mission of the LDS Church? (Preach the gospel, redeem the dead and perfect the saints.) Unfortunately, no leader in the early days of the Church sat down and took the time to outline its mission is such a clear and distinct way as President Kimball....
Building Zion
By Jesse Fisher While gathering hundreds of quotes by early LDS apostles and prophets, a very clear and startling picture began to come into focus. I was amazed to discover just how central the building of Zion was to the early Mormon Church. Over the next five installments, we'll look at a few quotes among 92 that show, in different...
Building Zion
Reviewing quotes by LDS Church leaders during the Utah Territorial years, one finds that “Zion” meant much more to them than just a spiritual ideal, it had a strong temporal element. For example, in 1861 Apostle Daniel H. Wells stated, “To build up Zion is a temporal labor; it does not consist simply in teaching: teaching is to instruct us...
Building Zion
Definitions matter. What we mean by the term “Zion” matters very much if we are to eventually build one as the Lord requires. One of the common meanings of the term “Zion” among the Saints is that Zion is the LDS Church. To these members, “building Zion” simply means doing the work of the Church. Unfortunately, Church history doesn't support...
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