Note: Bubbles is being upgraded to be a complete new company under the name of Change By The Cent.  Learn more by clicking the prior link.

Current Approved Locations for Donations:

  • Stokes in Salem (Collected in July 2016)
  • Allen’s Super Save in Springville (Collected July – November 2016)
  • Payson Market (Upcoming in November 2016)

Bubbles is an ongoing South Utah County Fundraiser to create a flow of funds to provide relief to our neighbors in need. Whether it be to purchase food for the local pantries, gift cards directly to those in need, providing needed supplies for the house we ask for your support.

We’ll be working with local grocery, hardware and other locations to collect the funds. Monies raised at grocery stores will be used on site to purchase food from those locations.

We are seeking other retail locations that would like to raise funds via the bubbles program. The company would then provide a check made out to a local grocer and SD would collect it to go purchase the food. Keeping the money local provides you confidence that your donation will be put to good use.

We are also seeking companies that would like to do matching programs where dollar for dollar will be matched during a given time period.

Monies may be used for emergency situations to help with those that lose a job, house or business fire, or other unforeseen circumstances.

The items purchased will be provided directly to our neighbors or taken to Tabitha’s Way(Spanish Fork) or Agape Community Center (Payson).

Flyers and posters are printed local at Copies Plus Printing. 100% of your funds will be used to serve a neighbor in need.

We won’t charge ourself for ads in the paper as we will bring much publicity to this as it is a heartfelt and love to help others.

No money will pass through Serve Daily. Money will will be used to purchase needed items for the hungry, naked, and those in need at participating locations.

Support the stores that support the community via the Serve Daily Bubbles program where 100% of raised funds are used to help those in need.



We have about 20,000 bubbles that we would like to sell by the end of the year. We hope to raise $1+ per bubble so that we can help feed many that are in need during the circumstances that may place them in need of help.
Dropping by Allen’s for groceries, a snack, or a drink – purchase a bubble for at least a $1.
The Courtesy Desk at Allen’s in Springville. They continue to sell to help raise funds for those in need.