Welcome to our #RAKM page, fellow do-gooder!

You may have heard of RAK before – Random Acts of Kindness. So why tag on the M? M stands for Moments – we seek to create and perpetuate memorable moments that brighten lives.

We’d like to brighten the whole county, which is why you’re here: we need your mind, your hands, your feet, and your heart to ignite the spark and fan the flame of kindness through service.

For now, we need you to check out the 5 designs for our new #RAKM cards, below. Pretty cool, huh?

Next, we’ll need you to:

pick up a handful of our new #RAKM cards

choose a target for a RAKM and leave your mark of kindness with a card, encouraging others to pay it forward with their own #RAKM.

have fun and find joy in serving daily!


Pick up #RAKM Cards at the following locations:

Each location has various  cards. Please grab 2-3 of each card and help start them on their journey of kindness.

Big O Tires   1146 W 800 S, Payson

Big O Tires   570 N Main, Spanish Fork

CS Lewis Academy   364 N State Road, Santaquin

Culver's 943 N 700 E, Spanish Fork

Haupt Electrical   312 N 1600 W, Mapleton

Jimmy John’s   786 N 800 E, Spanish Fork

Ken’s Master Auto  1009 North State Road, Salem

La Casita   333 N Main, Springville

Leavitt Group   199 N. Main, Spanish Fork

Leavitt Group   27 E. Main, Santaquin (coming soon)

Lulu’s Crafty Corner   332 S 100 W, Payson

Main Plaza Dental   312 N Main, Spanish Fork

Payson Market   586 N Main, Payson

Peak Orthodontics   496 N 990 W, American Fork

Peak Orthodontics   407 E 1000 N, Spanish Fork

Santaqueen 40 East Main, Santaquin

Sego Lily Soap   122 N Main, Spanish Fork

Sip-n   865 S SR 198, Payson

Snelson PhotoColor Lab, 80 W Center, Springville

Springville Self Defense   236 S Main, Springville

Springville Senior Center   65 E 200 S, Springville

Stoke’s Fresh Food Market   795 UT-198, Salem

Tabitha’s Way North County   920 E State Road Suite C, American Fork

Tabitha’s Way South County   140 N Main, Spanish Fork

White Feather Rocks   33 W Main, Santaquin

Zions Bank 190 N Main, Spanish Fork

Get listed here as one of the exclusive 30 listed locations to have the RAKM cards.

It’s only $40 each time we print a new batch.