Nebo’s Advanced Learning Center (ALC) & SHHS students win

students win
Adventure Capital SLC Innovation Challenge winners. Photo: Nebo School District

Tanner Pope and Tanner Peterson from Nebo’s Advanced Learning Center (ALC) as well as Mikayla Steck from Salem Hills High (SHHS) won $1,000 each from the Adventure Capital SLC Innovation Challenge. Tanner Pope’s projest was titled Active Minutes and Tanner Peterson’s and Mikayla Steck’s project was a Yoga Healthy Workout Design titled Salem Chakra. The students will use the $1,000 grant money to promote health and exercise.

The students’ advisor is Amy Ewell. The students from Mrs. Ewell’s Entrepreneurship class were mentored by global leaders in business, technology, and innovation. Students were asked to think like social entrepreneurs and come up with an innovative way to help make a difference in their school communities.

Congratulations Nebo Students for being Nebo Heroes!!

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