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Whoever said that “Papers” are a thing of the past? Not us! Newspapers provide a valuable resource for the community. Newspapers go everywhere now. The printed edition can be on store shelves, at restaurants, auto shops, offices of every kind to provide those who want something valuable to read. The E-Edition is everywhere be it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Subscribe to Serve Daily Newsletter today and receive notifications each time the paper comes out as well as other great offers from local stores.
We are looking forward to sky “Rock”eting forward as the neighborhood grows and great prosperity comes to all. We believe that this will come to all who give of their time and hobbies to help others. As Earl Nightingale has said, “Sowing and reaping is a law. It always works. Have faith in this law. Plan your life around it.”
We love to see when people have cut out articles, laminated them, and hung them up on their walls. So, we invite you, the readers, to pull out your “Scissors”, grab an issue of Serve Daily and cut out your favorite articles.

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  • We’re locally owned and operated!
  • We aim to serve and hope to inspire people to serve more often.
  • We are in print and on line.
  • We provide low cost advertising options to add to your current marketing plans.
  • The stories are locally relevant and written by locals!

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